Henan Honliv School recruits outstanding teachers and education administration talents, and improves the training system to make continuous optimization through competition, awards and incentives. Now it has a well- qualified and highly effective group of teachers With professional and innovative spirit including management experts on education, academic leaders as the base and middle-aged excellent teachers as the backbone.

Selection of high academic school graduates mostly come from Beijing Normal University, Huazhong Normal University, Northeast Normal University, Southwest Normal University and other famous normal universities . The school also regularly invites well-known experts, professors to hold high-level, high-grade, high-level teacher training.

Zhao Jiakai ¨C The Principal of Henan Honliv School

Zhao Jiakai was previously the Principal of Tianmen Middle School, Hubei province. He is also a special-grade math teacher and National Advanced Educator who has always committed himself to the elementary education in China, especially on the education system as well as the mode of education under the transformation of Chinese society. With accumulated experience in education system, he has built his own paradigm. During his tenure in Honliv School, he was awarded by the government as the ¡°meritorious principal¡±.

Wang Zhifu ¨C The Vice Principal of Henan Honliv School

Wang Zhifu was awarded with the title of ¡°excellent educator¡± and ¡°outstanding youth¡± by Xinyang Government, and he was also a May 1st Labor medalist. Equipped with modern understanding of education concepts and art of management, he was capable to set up functional management system and students clubs, and seize the opportunities to promote the smooth implementation of educational tasks.

L¨· Bao¡¯an ¨CThe Vice Principal of Henan Honliv School

L¨· Bao¡¯an is a senior statistician with solid theoretical background and rich working experience, who has played a role in administration and logistics for many years. He commits to promote a scientific, standardized and normalized system of logistics management in school.

Teacher Training

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