Junior Middle School Department putting emphasis on foundation

Build up a Solid Foundation

The aim of the Junior Middle School Department is to build up a solid foundation of basic knowledge and skills. They advocate that teachers should pay more attention to details and guide students to do small things well, develop good habits and become fully-developed students. Teachers should also train studentsí» sustainable learning ability, laying a solid foundation for the children's happy and successful life in the future.

In order to ensure the top students and students with learning difficulties to make progress separately, teachers make a well-designed program according to each child's actual basis and for the sake of the future development of each child, and try to improve the learning ability of students of all levels. In the course of teaching they adopt the level-based teaching method, which is a better solution to the situation where the teaching caní»t satisfy the top students but is too much for the students with learning difficulties. As a result, significant achievements have been made so far.

Encourage Studentsí» Hobbies

In the National Teens English Competition, one of our students won a silver medal and the other a bronze medal. We have also 47 students who have won the prizes from regional and local competitions. In the National Teens Reading Activity -hosted by Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Next Generation Committee of the National Education Department, our school was rewarded as one of the í░Best School in Learning and Educatingí▒. Twenty-two Studentsí» English writings were published in Studentsí» Times Newspaper and 71 Chinese writings in Chinese Weekly Newspaper, Chinese Guiding Magazine etc. In the National Calligraphy Art and Drawing Competition for Elementary/High School Students, seven students won the national prizes. In the fifth International Chopin Competition for Young Pianists, one of our students won second prize. In Henan Performance Art competition, three of our students won the regional and local prizes. In addition, in the Competitions for the Information Technology, two of our students won the regional prizes and eight won the local prizes. The junior middle school students have won 461 prizes in all with different kinds and grades since the opening of our school.

Optimize Teaching Structures

In the last couple of years, the junior high school has got great achievements. Twenty-three of our students won prizes in the national and regional Mathematics Competition; 8 students won prizes in Physics Competition at the regional level and 7 at the local level; 5 students were awarded the prizes in the Chemistry Competition at the regional level and 3 at the local level. Our teachers also had great performance in Teaching Competition and the scientific researches. Seven of them won prizes in competitions at the national level, 49 at the regional level and 102 at the county level. In particular, two of these teachers were awarded the title of Model Teaching in Henan province; two won the first prize in the Teaching Skills Contest of Henan province; five got the prizes in the Regional Teaching Contest and three in the local one. In the senior high school entrance examination during the last several years, our school ranked No. 1 in the comprehensive assessment, criteria including per-capita grades, passing rate and excellent rate.

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