Some departments of Honliv School adopt boarding management: the catering and accommodation are arranged and school uniform and daily necessities are provided. The school is equipped with a professional service team with a strong sense of responsibility, providing students with a sound living and learning environment to ensure their healthy growth.

Balanced diet: Professional nutritionists prepare three meals and two snacks a day for the growing kindergarten children and primary school pupils.

Green foods: Most of the foods are supplied by the Honliv High-tech Agriculture Company, and these pollution-free foods ensure the health and dietary safety of the children.

Apartment-style accommodation: Each room is equipped with heating in winter, air conditioning in summer, bathroom, the beddings and wardrobes, with telephones in each building. Three primary school pupils share one room and six secondary school students one room.

Humanism management: High-quality life teachers, high standard management and services guarantee the studentsí» physical and mental health.

24 hoursí» security: The 24 hoursí» security keeps the campus free from outside distraction, ensuring the students to study intently and happily, which is a great comfort to their parents.

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