Honliv Kindergarten

Honliv Kindergarten had its grand opening on September 1, 2004. Within one year, it was graded as the top level kindergarten by Xinxiang City. In 2007, it was granted the title of í░model kindergartení▒ and in 2008, it earned the title of í░regional model kindergarten.í▒

Honliv Kindergarten provides activity room, kids-safe toilets, comfortable dorms, music room, science room, and arts room. It also provides a spacious playground, a huge choice of toys, beautiful lawn and flowers, and even an indoor climbing wall. We try our best to provide a safe and fun place for our kids.

For each class, we have 3 teachers who are responsible for taking care of the kidsí» needs. In each classroom, we provide a piano, a TV, a recorder, a VCD, multi-media equipments and a germ killing machine.

We have a strong team of teachers. They are caring, dynamic, dedicated, and with a strong sense of responsibilities, . They stick to the guidance of Kids Education and devote themselves to their work, which guarantees excellent services of our kindergarten.

We have a doctor on duty 24x7. The doctor is responsible for performing physical examination for the kids on a regular basis and maintaining and updating all the medial records. We provide special exam room and a separation room to facilitate the doctorí»s needs taking care of all the kidsí» health issues. We set up the menu that meets kidsí» needs for nutrition and tastiness. We change our menu on a weekly basis so that our kids enjoy their everyday meals.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality service to help kids develop well; to make sure our kids have a happy childhood; to help our kids learn some knowledge while they have a fun time.

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