Changyuan, a town with thousand years¡¯ history and homed numerous famours people, resides next to the Yellow River and Taihang Mountain. In his time, Confucious had opened a school here. It was him who started the education history in Kuangyi (Chuangyuan). Today, to flourish the education in Changyuan and provide better education opportunities to people here, we, Honliv Corp, raised money to build Honliv School.

Henan Honliv School had its grand opening on Sept 2nd, 2004, a very sunny day with breezy air. A lot of people were invited to attend the openning ceremony. Several bands were playing music throughout the school during the whole ceremony. As an old saint said, love other people¡¯s kids as your own. Mr.Qin Zili , President of Honliv Group, kept this in his heart for a decade and on that day, he finally had his dream come true.

One year earlier, we hired top people in the construction industry to design and build the school. They torn down the old buildings; filled up the dirty pond; built the classroom piece by piece, grew plants and flowers in the yard; and digged up and created an artificial lake. All of their hard work was paid off by a beautiful school. After the school is built, we started to recruit teachers and staff. Within a short time period, we already created a great talent pool.

President Qin said it is a great pleasure to cultivate the gifted youths admitted to the school. Although some people could not understand why he spends money to help students from poor families, he insists on doing what he thinks is right. Sometimes, he collected the teachers and students and gave a lecture himself. In his lecture, he said if a person wants to be successful, he needs to learn not to waste money and time and abstains from fickleness and fabulosity. He needs to learn as much as he can and should never lie over anything. Also, even if he has everything that¡¯s necessary to be successful, he still needs to constantly try to improve himself.

Mr.President¡¯s words are so true that we should remember them in our heart. That¡¯s why we created this document.

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