Preeminent Senior High School Department

Splendid achievements in the past three college entrance examinations

In the 2007(first),2008 and 2009 college entrance examinations, 5 students from Hongli School won (Xinxiang City) city champion; one received second place in Science in Henan Province; eight students were admitted to Tsinghua University; seven to Peking University ; one to Hong Kong Chinese University (eligible for 500,000 Hong Kong dollars full scholarship) , one to Indonesia President University (tuition free) ; one to Cuba Institute of Higher Education (full scholarship); two qualified as pilots of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force.

In the first college entrance examination in 2007, Liu Chenchen with 701 points ranked second in Science in Henan Province and was also the science champion in Xinxiang District; Cao Mengmeng and Cao Xinpeng tied for Xinxiang arts champion; 4 students were enrolled by Tsinghua University, 3 students by Peking University. Totally, there were 559 candidates from Hongli School, and the number of the students who were qualified for the key universities, regular universities, private universities and junior colleges is 203, 389, 455 and 530 respectively, followed by passing rate of 36%, 70%, 81% and 94.8%.

Our school made even greater achievements in the 2008 college entrance examination. 265 of the total 785 candidates were qualified for the key universities, an increase of 62 students compared with the year 2007; 511 for general universities, 122 more than last year; 652 for private universities, 197 more than last year; 749 for junior colleges , 219 more than last year . The passing rate of universities and colleges is as high as 83% and 95.4% respectively. Xinxiang arts champion, second in arts and second in science are all from Hongli School. Of the top ten of Science and the top ten of arts in Xinxiang District, 10 are from Hongli. In Xinxiang District, 390 students got a score of more than 600, and 97 students are from Hongli. In 2008, 1 student was admitted to Peking University and 1 student to Tsinghua University though nine students were qualified for the two universities. Joyfully, 1 student has been enrolled by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (eligible for 50 million Hong Kong Dollars full scholarship) and 2 students were qualified as pilots of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force.

Our school achieved a great success in 2009 college entrance examination again. Among the 806 Arts and Science candidates, the number of the students passing key universities¡¢general universities , private universities and junior colleges is 324, 571, 697, 786 respectively, followed by passing rate of 40.2%, 70.8%, 86.5%, 97.5%. Compared with last year, the number of the students entering key universities has increased by 59 while that of the regular colleges 60. Our school won the top three in arts in Xinxiang District and this is the third consecutive year that our school has won arts champion in Xinxiang. At the same time, our school accounted for 5 of the top ten students in science and 8 of the top ten in arts. There were totally 20 students who got more than 650 points, and 7 students were from our school, accounting for 35% of the total number. Among the students who were admitted into universities, three gained access to Tsinghua University while another three Peking University which are both best universities in China. In addition, one student was enrolled by Cuban Institute of Higher Education.

Outstanding Achievements in the National Olympiad Contest

Our senior middle school students have made significant achievements in the National Olympiad Contests for Middle School Students on mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and information technology (2006-2008). In total, 43 students got the national first or second prizes, and 39 students won the provincial first prizes.

A strong teaching team

We have a lot of excellent moral teachers who are professional and creative, with academic leaders as the support, young and middle-aged teachers as the backbone. There are 131 existing teachers, including 50 senior teachers and over 90% of them have won the titles of special-grade teacher and national, provincial or municipal backbone teacher.

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