Elementary school

We organize a variety of activities to cultivate the studentsí» sense of competition and participation, to broaden their views, to improve their capability , and to make them team players.

Among all the activities, we featured í░reading good booksí▒ as the most important one. We set up different reading courses to cultivate our studentsí» reading interest and a class library to provide students with more choices of books. In this way more and more students begin to enjoy reading and eventually make books their companions.

Another activity is to ask the students to create hand-written newspaper.Their hand-written newspaper turned out to be fantastic, rich in content, and beautiful in design.

The students in all grades are required to practice handwriting under their teachersí» guidance. Various examinations and competitions are held to motivate the students to develop good writing habits and improve writing quality.

The Fall Sports Game is great too. A great deal of outdoor activities, such as Dragons Fighting for a Pearl, the Time Train, and Barrier Relay Race etc., enable the students not only to have a good time but also play as a team to win and share the happiness.

As our school is a boarding school, we hold studentsí» safety as our highest priority. Through emergency evacuation drills, combined with typical examples, we help our students further understand the self-help knowledge and enhance their self-protection capabilities.

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