With full intensive English teaching, from primary school first grade students, we involve them in the formal system of English education, develop their English communicative competence, and strive to enable each student to adapt to the needs of future development of society, and to integrate into international communication environment. Establish the International Cooperation Department to build a friendly relationship with foreign educational institutions, which is to introduce the international certificate education for the high school students and open channels of studying abroad. We have signed the letter of intent on resource sharing, inter-school exchanges, exchange of teachers and students to achieve co-operation with the United Kingdom Cambridge Tutors College(UK), St. George's University(Grenada), Arkansas State University(USA), University of Alberta (Canada). We already have employed two foreign teachers.


Honliv School is not just the Holy Land for knowledge, but also a paradise for the arts. Physical education for students enable each to master a life-long fond of sport and to develop good habits. Music education for students enable each to play an instrument to enhance music appreciation. By broadcasting playtime music, dinning-time music, leisure music, square music, to create a rich musical environment as well as their elegant taste in life. In addition to art courses stipulated by the state, we enhance students calligraphy art appreciation and aesthetic ability.


People-oriented is our education concept and it is well embodied in all aspects, from the design, layout, color matching to the cultural attactions of the school building; from the rules and policies of our school to its curriculum; from our concept of running schools to the setting of training targets. It is our eternal spiritual pursuit to pay attention to the development of every student and every teacher.

Fourth:Digital facilities

The infrastructure and modern teaching facilities have been built up, such as multimedia induction system, SPC-MS, closed circuit television, electro- supervisors, and electronic library. The network effectively realizes the the information issue, education resource sharing, Teaching Evaluation, intelligent IC card management and the technological exchange, which is a yardstick of school-operating concept,teaching and research quality and management level. Besides, it helps create a modern education atmosphere, therefore greatly improves students learning interest and efficiency, and makes advances in their intelligence level and creative thinking as well.

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